UKCS Alpha Map test - 8 May - 7pm UK time

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    On UKCS we decided to do some alpha map tests to support the mapping community to also be able to improve their maps to publics. In the first test we decided to pick the list ourselves but in future events we actualy want other mappers to submit their maps for the event.

    The first event topic can be read here: Event Topic on UKCS forums
    Also contains a zip with all maps.

    Saturday 8th May 2010 @ 7PM
    UKCS TF2 #2 (

    To submit your map for the next test its best to post it here: UKCS TF2 Maps forum or UKCS Map making forum
    This will give some priority to your map for the upcomings tests and allow comments from the public players that dont know anything about mapping. Simply as most will never even look on this forum.

    Note that we wont test a map too often. This means that it could mean youll have to wait 3 to 4 months before you can submit your map again. But as we do both a regular test (late alpha - fully textured + later releases) and a wip test (alpha only) there is ofcourse still a chance your map will be played more often.

    The list we have chosen for the first test is:
    • cp_backflow_a5
    • ctf_landfall_a9
    • ctf_monument_a14
    • ctf_stockpile_a10
    • ctf_wiretap_a11
    • koth_playa_a10
    • pl_arroyo_a18
    • tc_ramparts_a4

    I know most are late alpha during this test but thats only because we want to promote these events to the players first so they know what to expect in later events. We will allow early alpha maps for the next test. Remember that the requirements to become tested are still the same as normaly are with the tf2maps maptests. This means a working system and everything.

    The setting that will be used is 32 player regular respawn times (at least, that config has been told to me). This is however on a server that normaly has instant respawn on.

    Note: Map authors of the currently selected maps just have to pm their steamid to me and they will get a VIP slot during the event.
    I dont know if that will also count for the regular tests though, for WIP tests that however is guaranteed.

    Another thing to note. As it are public players they might be a bit harsh if your map failed quite hard. Again, thats a risk you will take when submitting. Dont worry too much about that though. Especialy in early maps they might complain hard and thats also a reason why my map is in the list.

    The order isnt set and probably will be decided during the test depending on which authors are on. Early is better though, from my own experience it can be hard to get on (even as the one running the test).

    There will only be 1 test each month but that might increase on enough submits.