U.S. Map Testing - WEDNESDAY June 24

Discussion in 'Server Events' started by A Boojum Snark, Jun 21, 2009.

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  1. A Boojum Snark

    aa A Boojum Snark Toraipoddodezain Mazahabado

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    Please note this testing day is not permanent yet! The poll is pretty much even, so I will be trying both days. Next week there will be no testing on Wednesday but two Saturday sessions. If you haven't voted in the poll, please do so! If you wish to comment on the times for this day you may do so there as well.

    TF2Maps.net Official US Server:
    Gameday Host: A Boojum Snark

    Event will begin at:
    Central European Summer Time: 6:00 PM
    UK (British Summer Time): 5:00 PM (GMT+1)
    Eastern Daylight Time: 12:00 PM
    Central Daylight Time: 11:00 AM (GMT-5)
    Mountain Daylight Time: 10:00 AM
    Pacific Daylight Time: 9:00 AM

    Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5 Column 6
    1100 1700 30 ctf_haarp_a5 Dr. Spud TF2Maps.net ctf_haarp thread
    1130 1730 30 pl_borax_b3 Fearlezz TF2Maps.net pl_borax thread
    1200 1800 30 ctf_orient_b1a Sgt Frag TF2Maps.net ctf_orient thread
    1230 1830 30 cp_pike_b2 Evang7 TF2Maps.net cp_pike thread
    1300 1900 30 pl_cumulus_a12 Chrono dl.getdropbox.com pl_cumulus thread
    1330 1930 30 cp_mudbath_a1 MrMuffinMan TF2Maps.net cp_mudbath thread
    1400 2000 30 pl_mooseshit_a3 AntonJ3000 files.getdropbox.com pl_mooseshit thread

    Map Submission Format
    • Required: Map Filename (ctf_example_a4)
    • Required: TF2Maps.net file ID number, OR url to offsite download.
      .bz2 archive is preferred, but not required. May NOT be a hosting site like mega-upload (wait times, codes, excessive ads, etc).
    • Required: TF2Maps.net discussion thread number.
    • Optional: Available time & your time zone. Only necessary if you aren't available for the whole testing period and wish to attend your map.
    • Optional: Would you like the SourceTV demos of the test? (will be uploaded to here)

    Repeat submissions of a map:
    Only post the info that has changed.
    - You can keep the same TF2Maps.net file number by clicking edit on your file's page and then simply putting a new file in the upload box. This makes it easier for you (don't have to update all your links!), easier for me, and less clutter on the site.
    - Discussion thread never changes so only needs to be submitted once.

    Submission rules
    • The map must be playable. This means fully functional objective system, proper spawns, non-fullbright, etc. The purpose of gameday is to help authors refine their designs, not catch newbie bugs.
    • Filename must be all lowercase. (ctf_example_a1.bsp, NOT CTF_Example_A1.bsp)
    • Submission deadline is 4 PM CDT, 1 day prior.
    • Submissions for will be on a first come, first served basis.
    • You may NOT reserve a submission without a download.
    • Please limit your submission changes. Updating your submission version is allowed if an important issue is discovered, but don't submit early if you will be updating every day with a new version.
    • When editing a submission for update/reservation, please make a new post to note that you have done so.
    • Standard maps receive 30 minutes playtime, arena maps receive 15. An extension may be requested for more mature non-arena maps in need of fine tuning.
    • Testing will be limited to ~3.5 hours each day.
    • The map author may request a team scramble after at least two complete rounds have been played.

    Multiple submissions per author
    • A specific map version may NOT be submitted to more than one day.
      The exception is mature maps in need of fine tuning. It is preferred you request for an extension rather than a double-booking, however, you may with the following rules:
      - Make ONLY ONE submission post, in the main day you want.
      - In that post specify the other day, and your map may be slotted in, at the admin's descretion, schedule permitting.
      - Double-bookings will not receive time extensions.
    • Different maps from the same author (ctf_example, ctf_eggsample) are permitted on the same day if there is space, but maps from other authors come first. If submitting more than one, please specify which should take priority, or simply submit on seperate days.
    • Different game modes of the same map (ctf_example, cp_example) are only permitted on different days.
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  2. Dr. Spud

    aa Dr. Spud Grossly Incandescent

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    Download: 1673
    Thread: 7358
    Availability: any time
    Demos: yes.
  3. Sgt Frag

    Sgt Frag L14: Epic Member

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    dl: 1675
    discuss: 5956
    anytime is good
    demo please

    thanks for the additional gameday. getting hard to squeeze in lately.
  4. Nerdbot

    Nerdbot L7: Fancy Member

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    dl: 1726
    discuss: 7499
    anytime will be good, I probably won't be able to make it personally anyway
    a demo would be cool if possible, but if not, no big deal

    I've only done very minimal playtesting with no more than 6 vs. 6 on this map, and I've had to make only very rough assumptions with how high respawn times should be.
  5. luxatile

    aa luxatile deer

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    Oh, nice. I want a test pretty fast, so this is perfect for me at the moment. :)

    Map: cp_mudbath_a1
    Download: 1729 (link)
    Discussion: 7551 (link)
    Time: Anytime.
    Demo: Yes, please.

    EDIT: cp, not ctf, sorry.
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  6. ChronoTriggerFan

    ChronoTriggerFan L7: Fancy Member

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  7. AntonJ3000

    AntonJ3000 I am inactive and make horrible maps

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  8. Fearlezz

    Fearlezz L10: Glamorous Member

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    Download: 986
    Time: As soon as possible, but not the first map.
    Discussion ID : 5906
    SourceTV: Yes please.
  9. A Boojum Snark

    aa A Boojum Snark Toraipoddodezain Mazahabado

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    Submissions closed
  10. AntonJ3000

    AntonJ3000 I am inactive and make horrible maps

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    Just a note: My map dosen't have any cubemaps, and it seems like I have a curse making me not able to build them, Tried 3 times with the long bunch (mat_specular 0, buildcubemaps etc)

    That method worked fine for alpha 1 and alpha 2, and i'm not renaming the map or anything like that.

    Weapon cubemaps work fine, Glass reflections don't.
  11. Dr. Spud

    aa Dr. Spud Grossly Incandescent

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    After testing it today, I found out that haarp had a bugged door. I updated it to ctf_haarp_a5. Since this is such short notice, I got Icarus to upload it already (Thanks Icarus :D)
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