Two unusual console errors

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    I have two errors I can't find any info on, anywhere.


    point_spotlight has an invalid spotlight width xxx (max 102.3)

    This is of course an easy fix, just put the width below 102. But why is this an issue at all?
    At least, I feel this warning shouldn't come up before you go over 180
    I assume "width" means the angle of the cone, which should be able to go up to 180 degrees, making a half-dome of light.
    But for some reason, the developers doesn't want it higher than 102 (.3!?!)


    Need to rebuild map to get bumped lighting on xxxxxxxxxx

    I have a material using some standard Valve textures, but with a custom VMT.
    It is basically a variation of one of the blend textures for dirt and grass.

    	"$basetexture" "Nature/dirtground008"
    	"$basetexture2" "Nature/rockground008"
    	"%tooltexture" "Nature/blendgroundtogravel005_tooltexture"
    	"$bumpmap" "Nature/rockground001_height-ssbump"
    	"%detailtype" "tf_grass"
    	"$ssbump" "1"
    	"$surfaceprop" "dirt"
    Can anyone shed some light on these errors?
    Specially number 2. It appears in red text and whatnot in the console, making me nervous.
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    1: it is not degrees, it is literally width. The spotlight beam is a material with a light beam image and the length/width settings are quite literally the length and width to use.

    2: I'm not sure offhand.
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    I thought the width was the width of the light cone itself, not the visible beam.

    Oh wait, I am thinking about light_spot. (inner/outer angle) :)

    But the second issue annoys me. I didn't have it before, but it appeared after a reinstall of the game and SDK.
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    2. TF2 Does not have support for ssbump?