Two questions. (Doors and 'npc')

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    I've searched a bit before hand and haven't come across anything, so if it's been posted just point me in the direction.

    First question is; One way doors. Is this possible?

    Basically what I want is, you can leave the door, but can't go back in from the outside.

    Second question; If you've ever played Yaaargh, you should know about the Ichthy's. Does anyone know how that was made possible? I've done searching all over and cant find anything on it.

    This isn't for a serious map, just a fun map I'm working on btw.

    Thanks in advance.
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    One way doors can be made by simply shrinking the trigger area so that it is only on one side of the door. Never played Yaaargh, so not sure on the second question.
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    I'm pretty sure that was a custom model functioning as a train with a trigger hurt parented to it, but I never really noticed if it came straight at me in the water or not...