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    1) How do I lower or remove the respawn timers in Hammer? sniprwr2 has like a 1 second respawn timer all the time, so it's not a cvar or admin mod.

    2) How can I get a custom map to obey the mp_timelimit? We had ctf_dock running for 2.5 hours yesterday with people the entire time and our mp_timelimit is set to 30min.
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    1 -- Some entities pass the spawn delay information. For instance, in some control Point maps, each trigger_capture_area entity has a respawn delay set on it. I haven't seen sniprwr2, so I'm not sure what entity they used for that.

    2 -- You'll want to use 2 entities together. First is the Team_round_timer entity. Then you want it to have an output (on finished, roundwin) to point to the Game_round_win entity which will create a sudden death tie breaker (you could also have it specify which team wins instead). If you don't have a game_round_win entity, you'll still get a countdown, but when it's done, there's no consequence so the game keeps going.
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    I was wondering about this myself. Good info spaceweasels :)