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    1. Limited weapons map. When a stable method of disabling weapons is found, I'd like to kill some of the classes weapons. For instance, The Sniper would be left with just the sniper rifle and Kukri, the Medic with just the Medigun and Bonesaw, Engineer with just the Wrench and PDA, etc. Or hell, just one weapon. You know, make shit a little more challenging.

    2. ctf_Melee_Fort. Melee-only, relatively small map with wide open areas connected by multiple narrow choke points/hallways. For people who are tired of 2Fort and want a Melee Map to be something other than a two-minute time waster

    Also, can you get ibredrum?
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    I rather like the melee oriented one. There's already a couple good ones out there, but turning it into a maze of sorts would be a nice change of pace. I say go for it.