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Two complicated entity (game rules) questions

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Grim Tuesday, Feb 1, 2010.

  1. Grim Tuesday

    aa Grim Tuesday

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    OK, so I am thinking of running my map in two ways. However, they are both CTF "with a twist". I am, however having trouble getting all the entities worked out:
    Possibility 1:
    For the first 30-60 seconds of the game, setup gates would be closed, and both teams would be given their Intel in a set location. They would, then for the time period be able to "hide" their intel, like in real CTF. How would I make the intel be "neutral" for the first part of the game, then go to be fully theirs, for the capping. How would I do this?

    Possibility 2:
    I would like to make it so, that when your intel is picked up, then a door seals, making it impossible to get to the enemy intel (dont worry, the cap zone is in a different place :p)

    I am more interested in the second idea, so any help would be much appreciated!
  2. megawac

    megawac L4: Comfortable Member

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    Possibility One
    Doubt its possible

    Possibility Two
    From the flag entity make outputs

    To close when flag is taken: OnPickup(team1/2):<func_door name>:Close:0:-1
    To open when flag is dropped/returned: OnDrop/OnReturn:<func_door name>: Close:0:-1
  3. martijntje

    martijntje L8: Fancy Shmancy Member

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    on the start of the setup time disable the capture zone (otherwise you get very easy caps)

    have a set of a neatral and team colored flag at the same origin. Have the colored flag start disabled and be parented to the neatral flag.

    When you drop the flag disable the neatral and enable the team one and enable the capture zone.

    When the setup time runs out force drop the neatral flag

    I dont have the time to check, but I am pretty sure this works
  4. Pseudo

    Pseudo L6: Sharp Member

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    You can change the team of the flag with SetTeam (0 = neutral, 2 = red, 3 = blue). Using that with a logic_timer would probably be the best way to do the first one.
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