Twelve Days of Updates

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    "That's [...] awesome [...] seriously, that's poetic gold."

    - Well-known Critic NovaSilisko

    Ever wanted a song chorus to sum up the Updates? Well now you can have your very own, absolutely free! Void Present's the Twelve Days of Updates! You'll cry, you'll rage! All of it with Twelve Days of Updates!

    Without anymore waiting! The Twelve Days of Updates!

    On the twelfth day of Updates, a BLU Spy sent to me Twelve Heavies nomming, Eleven Snipers sniping, Ten Scouts a-leaping, Nine Pyros burning, Eight Spies a-stabbing, Seven Balls a-stunning, Six Flares a-flying, Five golden watches, Four Huntsman arrows, Three Medic saws, Two Sandviches, And a sapper on my Sentry!

    And there you have it, folks!
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    Now sing it and send it to the Control Point podcast. :D