[TUTORIAL] Vital setup to adhere to server timelimit

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    This is something that a lot of people tend to miss on their map when setting it up but very important. This will cause your map to enter sudden death when the server's timelimit for the map is reached.

    1. Create a logic_auto somewhere on your map (or us an existing one).
    2. Go to the outputs tab and setup the following:
    My Output: OnMapSpawn
    Target Entity: tf_gamerules
    Target Input: SetStalemateOnTimelimit
    Parameter: 1
    Delay: 0.0
    Only Once: Unchecked

    You'll have to type this in manually and in hammer it'll come up as an error (arrow with a red line through it) but it'll work in the compiled map in game.

    That's it!

    When to use this:
    CTF Maps (and any variants)
    CP maps likes Granary and Well
    TC maps like Hydro

    When to not use this:
    Assault/Defend maps like Gravelpit and Dustbowl.

    For maps like gravelpit/dustbowl you're going to want to allow for the current round to end before switching maps rather than forcing the map to change mid-round.
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    awesome! i been wondering how to do this for like a week. thanks for the info.
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    Digging up an old one here, but what is the point of enclosing this in a logic_auto? Why not just set this in the tf_gamerules entity itself?
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    Good luck finding it on the entities list. ;)

    The tf_gamerules entity is created automatically, but it isn't directly accessible. By using the logic_auto entity, it will use all of the outputs when the map is started.
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    I don't see "SetStalemateOnTimelimit" in the *new* "tf_gamerules" entity that Valve added to Hammer in the recent update. Did Valve fix this or is it still needed for the mentioned game types? When I added this I had a "Entity [logic_auto] has bad I/O connections" message when I used "Map > Check for problems".

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    In March, there was an update: "Added mp_stalemate_at_timelimit ConVar for server admin to allow SuddenDeath when mp_timelimit hits on non-Valve maps".

    I guess it doesn't need to be set in the map anymore.
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    You sure that's not just to reenable Sudden Death, since they made default normal nobody-wins stalemate?
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    Interesting.... I did it by having the team_round_timer send a message to the master control point:

    My Output=OnFinished TargetInput=SetWinner Param=0.

    Is it better to do it via the tf_gamerules?