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    After looking at FaTony's workaround of func_rotating, I wanted something that you could jump on without getting stuck. I came up with a pretty good alternative.

    This method functions using a func_tracktrain and a series of path_tracks.

    Here is the setup:

    1. Create the geometry you want to rotate.

    2. Tie it to an entity and set it as a func_tracktrain.

    3. Create a path_track entity, shift+drag it to copy it, one after the other in order to create a connecting path of 4 path_tracks. Set the next stop of the 4th track to the original.

    4. Select the second path_track, hit ctrl+m and rotate it 90 degrees on its z-axis. Select the third path_track, hit ctrl+m and rotate it 180 degrees on its z-axis. Select the fourth path_track, hit ctrl+m and rotate it 270 degrees on its z-axis.

    5. Once we have our 4 path_tracks, make sure you have the func_tracktrain exactly where you want it with it's origin (exact center) located at the point of rotation.

    6. Set the grid at 1 unit and in the Top-Down view, place the path_tracks in a 2x2 unit square whose center is at the center of the func_tracktrain. (See below)


    7. Make sure the func_tracktrain has these settings:

    First Stop Target: Name of the first path_track
    Max Speed: 1 or 2 (something very small, it goes FAST)
    Initial Speed: Same as max
    Change Velocity: Instantaneously
    Change Angles: Near path_tracks
    Distance Between the Wheels: 0
    Height above track: 0

    No User Control
    Is Unblockable by Player

    These settings will give it a smooth rotation. Remember to use a small number for the speeds as the rotator get's too fast the higher you go.

    You should now have a working rotating brush that you can interact with without getting stuck. Granted, if you are looking for pure looks without having to interact with the rotation, just use FaTony's method which is a bit smoother and less complicated.
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    Yeah, that's exactly what crazy orange maps need. :D :lol:
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    Updated with the important step of rotating the path_tracks (now step 4).
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    is there any way to make it slower than 1?