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[Tutorial] Navigating in Particle Editor

Discussion in 'Tutorials & Resources' started by Chaopsychochick, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. Chaopsychochick

    Chaopsychochick L4: Comfortable Member

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    I am just posting this, as I was having some trouble figuring out how to do this, and could not find anything out there. So I figured I would post this in case anyone else got into the particle editor and had trouble with the preview area. (Like me, cause likely I am just a noob)


    Left click on the preview image: Rotates the preview

    Mousewheel Click (Note: Not mouse wheeling up and down, but actual mousewheel down): Drags the particle around

    Right click on the preview: Zooms in and out by moving the mouse up and down.

    Hope this helps someone. :)
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  2. Dr. ROCKZO

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    Well, thank you for that, I've been meaning to mess around in the particle editor for ages.. this is a good incentive..
  3. Tapp

    Tapp L10: Glamorous Member

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    Giving the particle editor a try is never a bad thing, once you get used to it you can spend hours in there and really come up with some great custom content for your maps. *cough*self-promotion*cough*
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