[Tutorial] Explanation of the exploding pumpkins

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    So I experimented a bit with the exploding pumpkins. And I decided to share my finds with you guys ;).

    So first, to of get these pumpkins in your map, you need a master entity that controls the spawning of the pumpkins. Its called entity_spawn_manager.

    drop_to_ground - Uknown
    entity_count - This is the amount of pumpkins that uses this manager allowed in the map at the same time
    entity_name - The name of the entity to be spawned. In this case, and only available so far (what I know) is the tf_pumpkin_bomb
    random_rotation - Should the rotation of this entity be random each time the manager spawns it? Yes=1 No=0
    respawn_time - The amount of time for the entity to respawn, AFTER it started to fade out.
    targetname - The name that other entities refer to this entity by.

    So now that we have a manager, to handle the spawning of the pumpkins, we need to set out the spawnpoints for them in the map. Using a entity called entity_spawn_point. This entity only has one value and its;

    spawn_manager_name - Simply name of the manager that handles the spawning of the entity

    You can place how many you like of these, just dont forget to change the entity_count in the manager.

    Nvm, seems to be a limit
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