[Tutorial] Elevators - how yo get a lift in life

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    There's been a lot of discussion about elevators recently so I thought I would make up a quick item on elevators.

    I'm really not going to explain a whole lot here because the greatest way of learning is by DOING :wow:

    Here's the link:


    In this folder you will find the vmf and the bsp for 5 different types of elevators. This is what you get:

    1- Trigger activated elevator - step on platform - activates trigger you go up.

    2- func_door types of elevators
    2-1 - solid​
    2-1 - solid on top see through in the middle if someone was looking at ti from the side​

    1- elevator point A>B activated by shooting the button

    1 - elevator that has multiple stops to different platforms on it - also activated bu shooting the buttons.

    Well that's about it - it should give you enough to get you started so that your life and your maps will be full of ups and downs :p