[TUTORIAL] Creating Respawning Targets

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    Everyone loves those shootable targets from that training map (whose name eludes me right now), so using this guide from the Valve Software Wiki, I've created respawning targets for my map.

    Essentially, you'll want to follow the guide I've linked to above. The only thing you'll do differently is not use env_entity, and instead of using a dispenser, use prop_dynamic/prop_static (I used dynamic), and select the targets as your World Model.

    I'm not sure if adding env_entity, and giving the targets proper names such as "<Class> Target" will cause the little notification to appear every time you destroy a target, but I plan to try it out.

    Obviously, the guide I've linked to above not only pertains to Dispensers, Sentries (there's a guide for Sentries on that Wiki too), and Teleporters (I didn't even know teleporters had their own entity), but you can switch out the targets for any other prop that is breakable!

    This might be common knowledge by now, but I figured I'd throw this topic up for anyone wondering how to get those nifty training targets on their map and have them respawn, or have any other destroyable prop on their map.