Model Turn off the lights for some lamps

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L3: Member
Jun 12, 2014
For context, I am trying to change the theme of one official Valve map into an abandoned map. While changing textures and some models, I have noticed that some lamp models do not have the skin that turns off their lights.



Basically, I need someone that could add a new skin for some lamp models that would not show any lights in the pitch dark.

The models that I need to be changed are:
  • models/props_lights/light_fluorescent_basement.mdl
  • models/props_2fort/groundlight001.mdl
  • models/props_2fort/groundlight002.mdl
  • models/props_spytech/spytech_hanging_light_52.mdl
  • models/props_mining/industrial_ceiling_lamp02.mdl
  • models/props_lights/light_cone_farm.mdl
  • models/props_lights/light_cone_farm_32.mdl
  • models/props_lights/light_fluorescent_farm_124.mdl
There are already some Valve created models which have two skins that can turn lights on and off, such as:
  • models/props_lights/light_fluorescent_farm_124.mdl
  • models/props_arctic/interior_light1.mdl
  • models/props_arctic/interior_light1_nocable.mdl
  • models/props_2fort/lightbulb001.mdl


If payment is necessary, I can pay.

Either way, I would be glad if someone would help me since I am not sure how to do any of this.