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Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Crimson, Oct 10, 2008.

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    I am damned near about fedup trying to make with the severe lack of decent textures we have available. I mean we have a lot, but so many are just ugly or overused that its just to the point everytime I start texturing I get fed up and close hammer.

    So I would like some help from you guys that have experience with making textures. I am not all that great in photoshop, so any help you give please be very specific and talk like im an idiot (because I am in photoshop).

    For a first texture, I am basically trying to take this following wall texture from quake, and make it look more cartoony. I really need to keep the actual shape of the blocks as I rather like that look, but other than that, I really want to get a TF2 feel going on with it.


    I tried to use VelvetFistIronGlove's tutorial that he used for making castle cobble stone, but it wasnt quite the same. I got to the part where he said "I adjusted the levels and color a bit", I went and tried adjusting mine, and it didnt even come close. I have done numerous searches for tutorials on this time of thing as well, and mostly came back with nada. So if you have anything to contribute, I will be most appreciative :)
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    Look, to create your own TF2 textures, you have to be an artist with godlike painting skills. You can't get the look with some crappy photoshop filters.
    I don't know why you would want that texture because it would look terrible in TF2 but you could make every part a metal plate that overlaps the other ones to make it more cartoony.

    Don't worry about using the textures we have now. Use them :)