Trying out mapping.

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    Hello, my name is Hastaroth.
    I'm an avid gamer since my youngest age. I'm currently 16 and I live in Quebec, a province of Canada. I speak both French and English. Although french is my first language, I have a very decent level of English and I'm always looking to improve it.

    I've started playing tf2 in 2011 and I've accumulated over 2500 hours (not sure if I should be proud or ashamed :3). Since I have interests in programming and I've got a very good knowledge of everything related to tf2, I've decided it was time to give mapping a second chance because I tried it back in 2012 but didn't go too far.

    Anyhow, since one member of this community helped me make Hammer launch [ God damn it, Valve], I'm back in action and looking forward to all the help you might be able give me. :)
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    Welcome and good luck! Feel free to shoot any questions off to us either here in the Mapping Discussion forums or in the Steam group chat room. There's usually always someone around to help you solve any problems you might run into.
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    Hey, it's you! :D (I was the one that helped you with your error back on reddit)
    Welcome to the community, as crash said, be sure to check out the steam group chatroom (if you haven't already) all of us in there will help out with any issues you have and give feedback on your maps and such.
    Also be sure to check out the tutorials section at:
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    hey, an other fellow french canadian. bienvenu, fait comme chez toi!