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VScript trigger_timer_movable 0.9.2

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TH3 D34DL3$$

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Jul 14, 2017
TH3 D34DL3$$ submitted a new resource:

trigger_timer_movable - Script that synchronises capture rate and moving object's speed

Somewhat lightweight script that updates manages the object movement in relation to the capture progress of spectified capture area's point

1) Setup any supported movable object how you'd normally do
(Note: make sure there are nothing that changes the speed and moving direction of the entity. It is done automatically by the script, which may break if interfered)
2) Setup team_control_point and trigger_capture_area like you'd normally do
3) Create logic_script entity
4) Add this...

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Super Gay Developer
Aug 9, 2018
Might be worth including the map download. I followed the 5 steps and it's not working and it would be nice to see a functioning example to see what is up

Edit: I found my mistake, step 3 doesn't say to give the logic_script a name, it should be given a name.

Edit 2: tracktrain seems to just continue after I step off capturing
Edit 3: movelinear too

Issue was undocumented need to call SetDoorDirectionForTeam

Also pointed out by gidi30 there's a
that should be
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