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    I have a fan prop with a trigger_push and I understand most of it but I am trying to have the fan push you up at a 45 degree angle and staight away from the fan. But no matter what I set angle to, it always pushes me 45 degrees sideways. I have tried a ton of combos (0 45 0, 0 -45 0, 45 0 0, 0 0 45, 0 45 180, etc.......)

    Can anybody tell me what settings to push up and away at 45 angle?

    FYI speed was set to 2500

    I even tried that "point at" command and that didnt seem to work either.

    The angles for the first field (in pink) next to hammerid are set to 0 0 0

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    You'll need your push to be greater than gravity, i think that's 800. But of course 2500 is great than that. Try a combination of up and a slight push in the direction you want them to move in.

    You'll want -90 direction_of_horizontal_push 0
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    You might try 2 pushes: one to counteract gravity, and then one to gently push in the XZ direction you want to go. That way the push up can be much stronger, and the push sideways can be controlled. 600 seems a good value to go up. 200+ is a very strong sideways value.