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Trigger/Function help

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by DrFlammable, Jul 30, 2008.

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    I'm working on the fundamentals for a new game mode and I've come across a few problems that may be because of the limitations of hammer, or I'm just not attacking it from the right angle, so any insight is welcome.

    In short, think of 'Hot Potato' with a payload bomb cart. Two 'bases' on each end, a payload that starts at one end, and two teams that switch attack/defend roles based on which control point is captured. e.g. Red pushes the cart to Blu's base, Red becomes the defenders and Blu becomes the attackers, and then Blu pushes the cart into Red's base and the roles switch again.

    The problem that I'm running into is deciding the game winner and the triggers that I need activated to do so. I want the game to keep going until time expires, no matter who owns which control points. Currently if one team owns both control points the round ends, and I do not want that. I'm trying to use a logic_case entity but it seems that it can only handle single case events, and I need a double case event like (excuse any programming jargon) If (blu owns both control points) and (game_timer is expired) then setwinner blu.

    Perhaps there is some workaround that I'm not thinking of, or some entity that I don't know of. Any help would be appreciated!

    Alternatively, I need a way to make Blu's control points in an attack/defend map not locked once they're captured.
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