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    Hi all! Yesterday I tried out the Hammer editor for the first time in my life. I have owned TF2 for some time now and I've mapped for other games in the past, but I haven't for some reason done anything for a source game. Well, now I'm stuck since its definately one of the best editors I've gotten my hands on! I figured I should join some forum to get some advice on mapping, and here I am!
    This is my very first map for TF2. It's mainly a CTF-map, but it also incorporates elements from both PL and CP, hence the name Triathlon.

    In Triathlon there is only one flag, or rather intelligence, which is spawned in the middle of the map. Obviously your goal is to get it to your base, but things aren't that simple. First of all, your flag capture point is next to the enemy base. Second, there's a big grate in front of the flag capture point denying you access to it. This grate can only be removed if you have captured a certain point with the payload in the basement of the map. In other words, altough the map is small, it's a two front war you have to fight in order to achieve victory.
    Under the flag is also a capture point. Capturing this will open the window of your base, giving you a nice angle to aim at the flag from (See picture 4 and 5.). Capture time is very fast, so it's wise to stop by the capture point whenever you can to disrupt the enemy snipers.

    I hope I will finish this map quite soon, and it's really not that much work left. In a day or so I will release a public beta for anyone to try.

    I always welcome critisism. :)


    • Fix the payload so that it actually works as intended.
    • Finish the teams bases so that they both have entrance to the basement.
    • Fix missaligned textures.
    • Fix wrongly carved surfaces.
    • Give the map some proper lightning effects (once I know how to do this).
    • Decorate!
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    first off, you forgot the download link, so I only have the screenshots and the description.
    Now I'm not very experienced, but I will give you some advice.

    To make the name fit better, make it a three stage map (with different rules, for instance CTF -> CP -> PL) (Just my opinion, you can ignore it if you want to)

    I recommend this post:
    [ame=""]Readme 1st: Common TF2 mapping mistakes and how to fix them - Forums[/ame]

    Quick how-to lightning.
    Add an entity (I assume you know how to) and make it a light_environment, this will make light come from the skybox.
    For additional light, add an entity an make it a "light", and experiment with some settings (they arent that dificult)
    Also usefull, make a env_cubemap entity, this will do reflections (eg demomans bottle and water)

    -Add details so, stuff becomes less repetitive and you can easely see where on the map you are. (just look at your first screenshot, its hard to see where walls end.)
    -Add team colors, make the blu side blu/grayish with sharp angles and the red side rounded and red/brownish.

    I'll be able to tell more

    p.s. Dont make your first map too difficult
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    I'll say I think the name fits well as a triathalon is a 3 event race.

    However I don't know how much luck you're gonna have getting a PL to work with a ctf/cp. But good luck.