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    Hey guys. I'm currently doing a deathrun map. Her style - Wild West. Imagine what traps will be there, I'm not very strong. Therefore, I would like to know your ideas on this occasion. What are the traps worth doing, as well as describe their action. Thanks!
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    If you were to do a wild-west style deathrun map, you could have things like getting caught in a gunfight, getting sucked down into a mine/crushed by rocks or killed with explosives if venturing into the mine and getting run over by stagecoaches or trains
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    Running across a field of cacti and moving tumbleweeds, both of which kill you on contact.
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    I think there are quite a few thematic traps

    In a town scene
    1. A gunpowder barrel explosion (would a classic/predictable trap)
    2. Some form of Bar fight (i.e in a saloon; either bottles of whiskey fly around or a tf2 character kills someone)
    3. Heavy Stand off (this section, if players get caught a heavy will pow em w/ their taunt kill)
    4. Wall Explosion (i.e players walk by a bank or jailhouse & the wall explodes revealing a bank robber/criminal escaping).
    Outskirts of town/out in the desert
    1. Some form of Native American arrow storm (i.e pass a tent and arrows shoot out of it).
    2. Run over by a locomotive (Walk past a railroad & get run over).
    3. Bridge collapse (Like in the Good/Bad/Ugly -- bridge supports would explode and players fall to their death).
    4. Walking past a stalemate (Have cutout cowboys fire periodically & players have to navigate past them thru cover (i.e boxes/cacti).
    Gold Mine (players enter a mine)
    1. By entrance-- players get swept off by river current (Most western cities had rivers w/gold particles & so many miners would go gold panning *look it up* -- So it would thematically relevant).
    2. Have some sort of cave in (I.e support beam cracks & area gets crushed)
    3. Run over by mine cart
    4. dynamite explosion (like barrel)
    5. Parkour over chasms
    6. Run into a thieves den & get shot (I.e a room w/ small doorway ---once player walks in & trap activated --- gets riddled by bullets.
    That's all I could think off on the top of my head.
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