Trap ideas

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Jul 30, 2018
Hey guys. I'm currently doing a deathrun map. Her style - Wild West. Imagine what traps will be there, I'm not very strong. Therefore, I would like to know your ideas on this occasion. What are the traps worth doing, as well as describe their action. Thanks!


we've all had better times to die
Feb 10, 2017
If you were to do a wild-west style deathrun map, you could have things like getting caught in a gunfight, getting sucked down into a mine/crushed by rocks or killed with explosives if venturing into the mine and getting run over by stagecoaches or trains


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Feb 8, 2017
Running across a field of cacti and moving tumbleweeds, both of which kill you on contact.


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Jan 19, 2018
I think there are quite a few thematic traps

In a town scene
  1. A gunpowder barrel explosion (would a classic/predictable trap)
  2. Some form of Bar fight (i.e in a saloon; either bottles of whiskey fly around or a tf2 character kills someone)
  3. Heavy Stand off (this section, if players get caught a heavy will pow em w/ their taunt kill)
  4. Wall Explosion (i.e players walk by a bank or jailhouse & the wall explodes revealing a bank robber/criminal escaping).
Outskirts of town/out in the desert
  1. Some form of Native American arrow storm (i.e pass a tent and arrows shoot out of it).
  2. Run over by a locomotive (Walk past a railroad & get run over).
  3. Bridge collapse (Like in the Good/Bad/Ugly -- bridge supports would explode and players fall to their death).
  4. Walking past a stalemate (Have cutout cowboys fire periodically & players have to navigate past them thru cover (i.e boxes/cacti).
Gold Mine (players enter a mine)
  1. By entrance-- players get swept off by river current (Most western cities had rivers w/gold particles & so many miners would go gold panning *look it up* -- So it would thematically relevant).
  2. Have some sort of cave in (I.e support beam cracks & area gets crushed)
  3. Run over by mine cart
  4. dynamite explosion (like barrel)
  5. Parkour over chasms
  6. Run into a thieves den & get shot (I.e a room w/ small doorway ---once player walks in & trap activated --- gets riddled by bullets.
That's all I could think off on the top of my head.