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    Hello all! I'm making a PASS time map (as you may know if you've seen my other recent posts) that's very industrial themed. The main draw of the map is a flat open design meant for Medieval Mode, as well as multiple various traps on either side of the field. I'm coming up short on ideas for the latter part, other than some basic pitfalls and the out-of-bounds lava moat surrounding the field and under it's floor. Anybody have any ideas? I'd like them to be triggered in some way as well, so it's not all random.
    Here's a few pics of what I got:
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    how abouta launch pad for both teams that is only trigger able by one team
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    What about punji - sticks?
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    Here's what I got :
    • Platforms that closes themselves like a book? (like, folds themselves in halves)
    • A Floor plate that pushes player to their death? (Maybe using, like, o-f-b lava or anything)
    • Soundwave-based death; (IDK, make one of those memes bass drops)
    • Buckets that gradually fills themselves of stuff (like acid or something) that pours itself onto unsuspecting players? (Like those things you find in water parks)
    • Fan blades from HUGE inwards fans. (I know, it's-a classic, but it works)
    • Hidden death (enclose the victim in some kind of box or opaque cage, kill it using a simple trigger_hurt and then remove the box, showing the victim's lifeless body)