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    transit b5
    Everybody's gone surfin'!

    now available in strawbery beta flavour!

    First and foremost, this ISN'T a surf map.

    The premise is based on the fact that quite a few people had mentioned they liked riding on the train on roundhouse (which was a very short distance for riding), so i came up with a map that can take better advantage of train riding.

    Recently i decided to come back to this map, primarily to fix the cap times so that the map is actually fun to play and not just a steamroll.


    - revisited the map in order to fix missing overlays, add some details, and change cap times on the final points.
    - renamed map to cp_transit (from cp_trainsurfer) to avoid confusion leading to mistaking this for a "surf" map.
    - changed the spawn points so that players are facing the relevant exit door relative to the status of the CPs.

    version 1.4:
    - re-implemented the upper-opening due to popular demand, but without allowing snipers to take advantage of it
    - fixed the "ghost train" appearing on the centre of the map
    - (hopefully) fixed the issue of the trains getting stuck on a player if the player was touching a wall whilst riding the train. (this is hard to test as it only occurs when hosted on a seperate PC).

    version 1.2b:
    - added a new path from base to centre for both sides.
    - reduced the effectiveness of sentries at the 2ndary points
    - reverted the trains back to versionusedon 1.1a, to overcome issues where a player on top of them would block their movement.

    added another path from the centre to the bases
    added a fence around the raised platform to reduce effectivness of sentries there
    removed the upper-opening above the train tracks in the bases to reduce effectivness of snipers (now snipers have to pay attention to the trains, or they will be hit

    added a dustmote effect to centrebuilding
    added some computer sounds to the final point rooms
    fixed issue that some props were floating above the ground

    added additional clutter (barrels, crates, etc)

    minor update:
    i've added a bit of detailing to the inside of the wooden buildings (namely support beams), changed some lighting settings, and added a couple of ammo packs to the centre and 2ndary points.
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    The screenshots look nice however I am worrying slightly about those giant cliff faces - They look a bit too big. A good alternative would be to make smaller cliff walls and add a short brick wall on top of it with some fence on top. Or an even better idea would just be to create a cliff wall with a decorated ground on top of it, with a clip over it to stop players getting out. Then you could add a nice 3D skybox if you wanted to. :)