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KotH Transit Beta 2

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Mar 29, 2019
Transit - Experimental 3-point KOTH

Transit is a fairly simple map based in a train station, where RED and BLU own a side of the tracks and are fighting for ownership of the whole rail line. High-speed trains will occasionally pass on the tracks to mow down any unsuspecting mercenaries.


It is a CP map, but it can best be described as 3-point KOTH that I dubbed "Compressed Capture Points" (CPP) As you can see by the image below, the points are very close together.


The teams have to capture all three points and hold them until the timer runs out, the layout of said points mimic a 3CP map like Powerhouse.
The timer remains paused when either team does not own all points. Time is added only when the center point is captured, and only 15 seconds at a time.

This map is very experimental and I am still new to mapping, so I encourage constructive criticism!

Planned Changes/Additions

- Warning bells and lights for the trains
- Fix collision issues with the posts at the base of the bridge ramps
- Skybox
- Cubemapping (Reflections)
- More bearable capture announcements/warnings
- Track gate models (Modellers needed!)
- Provide more cover at the main entrances
- Consider more spawn exits
- Add more detail in the walls

Credit to Boomsta for the train liner models. The models can be changed or removed at his request.