Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) Awareness

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    From what I understand, this agreement is on SOPA and PIPA levels (i.e. really bad). I didn't think much about this issue...until I realized people could get in trouble for using background music in joke maps or where-ever.

    More in depth info here:

    (Edit at 8:15 pm)

    The video below is how I found out about the TPP details (skip to about 3:30 to get to the TPP part)

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    Wow. I had no idea... thanks for sharing this. Hopefully we can crush it like SOPA and PIPA.
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    It's not just the IP section; the whole treaty is horribly flawed and designed to remove all barriers to outsourcing. Basically it's NAFTA all over again, but for a different collection of countries.

    Don't let the Fox News-style rhetoric put you off; dude's a Democrat, and apparently he's known for using this schtick to try to drum up bipartisan support for things.
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    You know how you had no idea? It's getting past Congress. Who ever is is trying to get this to pass is making sure it does not go through Congress, which violates one of the Amendments of the Constitution, I forgot which one.
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    Its quite simple: if its not public its bad. If it was ment to be good they would have made it public as it allows for protesting against its contents.

    And im not surprised at all. If this one falls they will just continue with the next one until 1 succeeds.

    In its laws the USA is one of the worst countries in the world as they act as being a free country but most things show the opposite. Most countries at least admit that their laws are worse. And these attempts at becoming laws are just part of proving that.