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Trampoline War

Discussion in 'WIP (Work in Progress)' started by Neo, Nov 8, 2007.

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    I just started mapping very recently, so don't expect much from me, hehe. A friend and I had been discussing some simple, neat ideas for TF2 maps, and so we started with the idea of the 2 teams being separated by a fence, that you have to jump high into the air to see over (but can't actually jump to the other side) to shoot people on the other side. The map is VERY small and simple, but it's actually pretty fun!

    However, there are still some things that I'd like to change, that I am not sure how. So I'm linking my map here so that I and anyone else can get it on this learning process. A few things I'm still looking into:

    1. Changing the respawn timer on Healthpacks and Ammo. This is kind of an iffy subject anyway. The main reason the respawn timer is an issue is because I've yet to host the map with more than just a few people. It respawns too fast for just a few players. But on a populated server... I don't think it would be a problem.
    2. The fence is, a fence, and so it is just 1 "sheet of paper" (it's as thin as a tile can be). If you get right next to it, things like the flamethrower can stick through it.
    3. It's not such a big deal since eventually it will stop, but if you build something like a despenser and get on top of it and walk off of it (not jumping), you'll just bounce up and down for a while in the air. This also happens sometimes due to being hit by something.
    4. There's no trampoline in my map, :p If anyone has a better name suggestion, please suggest it! Trampoline just kind of gives people a bit of an idea of what to expect, though.

    Link to the vmf:

    I do enjoy this map as an instant respawn map, but I only know how to do it to a BSP file, not the VMF.

    And, as always, if you have any suggestions for this map, don't hesitate to say so. Thanks much to everyone!
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