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    Traintable: the new and improved King Of The Train, or so I've been told.

    the Red and Blue mercenaries were fooling around with shrink ray technology, and poof! they find themselves fighting over a tiny container running around on some guy's train table.

    When the train is capped, it will speed up and insta-kill anyone on the other team for 6 seconds.


    changes that need to happen:
    • make it obvious you have to crouch to get through the small building
    • prevent players from getting stuck as much
    • raise skybox
    • fix the sometimes-breaking CTF outlline on the train (sometimes doesn't switch to blue)

    what I need to know:
    • should I make the table so you can fall off, or leave it like it is?
    • how do I get a hybrid KotH and CTF hud?
    • how do I make the train stop as a whole instead of just per-traincar? (i.e. the uber and dispenser trick working and not making a giant cluster of train cars)
    • where should the ammo and health be?
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    First things first, as I mentioned before the train needs to be going much slower. With that, I think it would benefit a lot from having sections of the map closed off when the point isn't in that area in order to direct players more towards the point so the battle will be based around the point. I also think it would be more fun to defend if you could stand on the train without getting knocked off my low hanging ceilings, although I did enjoy the part with the low bridge you had to jump over to stay on top of the train. I think this could possibly have potential but it is going to need a lot of work.
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    It won't do all the work, but I think that putting a decal like "if you can read this CROUCH NOW" would help a bit.
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    As I mentioned in chat, it might behoove you to try to hack together a HUD that includes the directional indicator that CTF uses, so players can get an idea of where the train is. Failing that, some dynamic signage pointing to its current position would be welcome.
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