KotH Trainalley A2

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Jun 4, 2019
koth_trainalley - A KOTH map in an eastern-urban setting.

KOTH_TrainAlley is a map set in an urban alley with a train line going through it. There are plans to get a train running through the inconveniently placed line running through the point.


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Jun 4, 2019
Alpha 2 of KOTH_Trainalley is now up!
Here's what's new:
  • Fixed an issue where RED players spawned in the BLU spawnroom.
  • Fixed some collision errors involving window frames, rails, lightposts and floorlights.
  • Added train! Now the name isn't clickbait!
  • Added some minor details, notably to skybox and the room on the right of spawn.
  • Removed Herobrine.
  • Removed all non-spawndoors, because you all hated them.
  • Made left flank room to mid larger.
  • Reduced clutter at the control point.
  • A secret. Hop in the 2nd train car to find it. All classes are capable and have been tested. This will be removed and re-added in later versions. Test the train every time a new version releases.
Some additional notes:
  • Please don't say my map is "like Overwatch", like some did in a maptest of A1. As true as it may be, keep those words to yourself.
  • Constructive criticism or ban.

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Jan 15, 2016
Hey so I took a look around your map for a second and I have some feedback.

First off the giant wall of boxes at mid is not a really good idea, classes like soldier or engineer can easily jump on top of them and place buildings and/or rain down rockets from above. It may help in terms of sightlines, however if an engineer can place buildings on a high area and Spy can't deal with the buildings before they become a problem in the long run. I suggest either making a new wall and allow for all players to reach the top of the wall, not just blast jumping/high mobility classes.

There are two major sightlines I have found while looking around on the map, there are here...



and here...


I am glad to see you extended the far leftmost side passage so it is not as cramped, however the only entrance and exit to it is located right next to another door, its not much as a problem, however if you are running away from a pyro or a heavy, most players won't see this opening as they most likely expect the exit to the route to be at the very end of the fence.


Now the Train... Oh god the train.

First I gotta say that I am indeed impressed you are trying new gimmicks to help spice up your map, however the train can and will be a major upset as you can get killed by the train while capping. hazards in TF2 are usually away from the objective, encouraging pyros and other classes with knock-back abilities to easily knock you away from the objective and lead to either you anticipating the attack and react accordingly or you don't anticipate it and are unable to react leading to you being more careful while capturing the objective. This does not happen with the train. The train can and will cause you to die due to a lack of indication for you to know when the train is on its way (most maps have a gate that will display lights and sounds to help warn players before they go by) and because it goes right through the point, leading to anyone standing on the middle of the objective to get run over. This can lead to upsets like a team finally getting an advantage and trying to capture the point on overtime just to get run over by something they didn't see coming.

Finally before the minor stuff, the Secret room. I'm sorry if I am spoiling the surprise for the players, but this needs to be addressed immediately before any problems may arise during testing. The room is not equipped with a nobuild trigger and it is easy for Engineers to set up all of their buildings in the room.


"Whats the problem with it then?", you may ask, well the problem is that this will trap the engineer's team in an inescapable room with only three options of getting out....


Death by the train, death by the scout, or death from killbinding. This essentially is no better than you walking out of spawn and getting killed by a soldier with a crit rocket, it extends the respawn timer and is not needed. I honestly suggest you remove the secret room, as engineer most likely can and will abuse it.

Some minor nit picks I have include:

  • All doors are both facing the wrong way and are using a model with a ledge you can stand on, same goes with all spawn doors you have, I suggest changing all spawn doors to the windowed model and all shutter frames you have around the map to either basic door frames or ones without the motor, since you can be able to see through the windows in the door you can easily see opposing players instead of blindly walking in and out and hoping there isn't a soldier with crits ready to bomb you and your team at any given moment.


  • This ladder next to spawn honestly needs to be removed due to how backpedaling into it can easily get you killed if you are running away from the other team.


    • Please don't say my map is "like Overwatch", like some did in a maptest of A1. As true as it may be, keep those words to yourself.
    • Constructive criticism or ban.

    Not exactly a nitpick on the map, however I brought this comparison up in the imp test as I saw inspiration from a likely source and as a fan of Lijiang tower and koth_king's design aesthetic, I meant this comment as a compliment not an insult, and the term "constructive criticism or ban" really isn't a good thing to say considering 99% of all feedback given to maps on this website are all constructive and meant to help the development of your map.

    If you have any questions on my feedback, please feel free to let me know. I look forward to see you improve on this map, and I wish you the best.
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Jun 4, 2019
Thanks for all this help, I'm gonna fix every problem you mentioned to the best of my ability.