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    Well, I have this train in my map, and there are a few problems. Number 1: It starts backwards, even though its facing the right way in the vmf. I can't seem to get it to go smoothly along the curve, despite the fact that I have tried all settings and making the curve a very complicated arc. At the end of the path, when the train teleports back to the first part, it starts to spin around. If you guys can help, this would be very helpfull.
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    hmmm, for the smooth arc, add more point to your track. as for the spinning, I have no idea.

    but for the starting the wrong way, just rotate your train 180 degrees. (my trains start sideways, ingame go straight), and it will work
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    turn it 180 degrees in Z
    happend with me in payload maps aswel
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    Trains should be facing forward along the X axis (looking to the right on the top-down view) in hammer. They will automatically turn to face the next track path when they spawn on the first track allocated to them.

    When a train goes too fast, it will be very rough going around corners (and if you make the speed like 100000 then it doesn't go near the track, just cuts right across). What speed do you have it at? (I would suggest having a path_track setSpeedReal to a lower speed before the corner, and another one after the corner to speed it back up).

    Also how big is the turn and how many points do you have along the curve?
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