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Train idea

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Open Blade, Sep 21, 2008.

  1. Open Blade

    Open Blade L7: Fancy Member

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    Just curious if this is possible since I have never really seen it.

    I have a train in my map (flatbed cars) with cargo such as sacks of feed, logs, hay models and I want this train to move. But, since it's going through a town I want it to move very slowly (as it would in real life going through a town) and the key here is I don't want an a start or stop to it (as in multiple trains going through). I just want one long endless slow moving series of flatbed cars moving through the map.

    How would I go about this, if it's even possible?
  2. FaTony

    FaTony Banned

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    func_tracktrain and path_tracks in infinite loop.
  3. Altaco

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    I think it's pretty clear he doesn't understand how to set this up so just telling him what entities to use isn't very helpful.
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  4. The Asylum

    aa The Asylum

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    What you could do is just send them in an infinite loop. First what you'll need to do is make a path_track, and then a bunch more in a circle. You'll want to name them something like "stop_1". Also in their properties, you'll want to connect these points. So under stop_1, you'll want to set it's next destination value to stop_2, and so forth. The default max speed for these points are 100, and that's about as slow as I'd think you'd want them.

    Next, create a func_tracktrain brush. Then a prop_dynamic with a world model set to whatever it is you named your trucks. Parent the prop_dynamic to the train, and name the train soemthig like "car_1" or whatever, and set it's first stop to "stop_1". Be sure ithe train's max speed is also 100. Do this with however many other path_tracks you have (stop_2 would be where car_2 would start, etc, etc)

    So your setup in Hammer should look somethig like this:

    IS this what you had in mind?
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