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CP Train Chain a5

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Feb 23, 2019
20190519133148_1.jpg 20190519133222_1.jpg 20190519113204_1.jpg 20190519133256_1.jpg 20190519133307_1.jpg 20190519133452_1.jpg 20190519133443_1.jpg 20190519133337_1.jpg 20190519133350_1.jpg 20190519133421_1.jpg 20190519133404_1.jpg 20190519133515_1.jpg Train Chain - This is my first map I've uploaded. Please leave advice.

This is my first map I've uploaded. Please play and leave advice.
This map takes place at the shore of a jungle, in a warehouse of trains. Whichever team takes control of the warehouse will take control of the other teams train line, which leads to their home base.
Note that this map is barley done and will be updated later to include more details and gameplay improvements (at least when people will start giving me advice.)]
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Jan 13, 2019
Your connecting areas ( specifically around Last and Second ) are essentially tunnels. Long, static tunnels that open up huge sightlines. These will slow down gameplay heavily, turning what could have been a challenge of teamwork into a question of ' who will be the first to get tired of spamming '

Your Mid's trigger_capture_area is also far too small. Generally, the higher the capture time, the larger the capture_area should be, to accommodate some movement during that long wait.
Feb 23, 2019
+added a wall in the rooms connecting 2nd to final point
+added other rooms off to the sides connecting 2nd to final point
+remolded center point building

(note: pictures are not updated)

Also, should I keep the building for center point or get rid of it and replace it with an open area.

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