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A training map featuring bots

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    tr_dockyard - A training map featuring bots


    This is a training map similar to tr_walkway with bots walking along a path. Rather than bots sliding on a conveyor belt, these bots walk on their own to their destination.

    Since this map is unfinished, it doesn't feature any working bots or anything really. Map features basic geometry, water, a skybox ship, and dev textures. Download if you enjoy dev textures!

    A lot of my time went into trying to figure out why TF2 bots can't do ___ properly... Turns out they don't read nav mesh too well... They ignore hints like jump or crouch. If you manually make a nav mesh, they will invent a new route that is outside of your nave mesh. If they leave the nav mesh by 1HU, they will get lost and complain in console that they fell off the nav mesh... Simply walking off a ledge onto a landing will make them think they lost the nav mesh and forget their current goal...

    I do have more plans for this map and I am planning on expanding it.