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Too many t-junctions to fix up!

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Drexen, May 1, 2009.

  1. Drexen

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    Too many t-junctions to fix up! (3846 prims, max 32768 :: 65541 indices, max 65536)

    I think you can guess what my problem is. I'm making jump future my new jump map (its a pretty huge map) and when i put all my jumps together i am getting this problem.

    Anybody know anything about it and how i can solve it.


  2. Sgt Frag

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    hmm, been meaning to make a tut on optimizing func_details.

    I bet by optimizing them you can fix this.

    Really hard to explain and I can't post pics right now.

    bare with me if any of this is obvious:

    T-junc happen when brush edges meet. If they meet in world spawn then compiling optimizes them and cleans them up.

    However, this doesn't work on func_details. You have to optimize them.

    Popular belief would say that if you have 2 brushes (say a horizontal trim and a vertical post both 8x8 untis wide) that meet up together would be more optimized (less detail) but on a func_detail the vertical beam can split the horizontal beam up into 3 pieces.
    If you make the vertical beam 6 units wide and center it on the horz beam the horizontal beam wont get split, thus saving you probably 2-4 t-juncs (not sure exactly how they are calculated.

    probably 4, 2 on each side of beam (since it has been split into 3 segements), if the vertical beam wasn't there, or is thinner it wont divide the horz at all.

    Funny enough this gives your level more detail while getting rid of complexity errors (tjuncs). Also ads a little more shadow/depth.

    Will try and post some screens later tonight or tommorrow.
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