Today is our anniversary :)

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    We are officially 1 year old today! w00t. We've certainly come a very long way from our humble beginnings as a mere Steam group. That's right, we didn't always have this wonderful site to call home, nor all of the awesome features you see today. You new members have it so easy (damn kids get off my lawn):p For those who care, here is a brief history (minus my bitching the last time I made a time line);

    9/20/2007: Immortal-D realized there is no mapping group for TF2, and wants to find like-minded people.

    9/21/07-9/28/07: Immortal-D is a lazy bastard.

    9/29/07: I create the Steam group 'Team Fortress 2 Mappers', or TF2M for short.

    10/11/07-10/20/07: The search begins for a forum we can use. Few people are questioned, but nothing ever comes of it.

    10/21/07-10/25/07: Pimped the group on the Steam boards a few times. Get an email from some weird guy named drpepper, who posted in one of my threads. He links me to

    10/29/07 I ask Drpepper if I can direct my users to his forum. He says ok. I make an annoucement on our Steam page that our little group now has a home.

    October-???: Sometime in here, Paul/Ryodoan sets up a chat logger for the Steam group, which has been active ever since. He never asked for so much as a cookie.

    September- Early December: Life is good. Members keep coming, the forum expands, and talk begins of having a server. And the people rejoiced (yay).

    Mid December-12/31/07: TheBladeRoden becomes our first moderator, and the people are scared.

    Somtime In January: DJive is appointed moderator, and keeps things running after I fall off the face of the Earth.

    Late January-February: Gamedays on a more regular basis, but the server just isn't seeing enough use and has to go away.

    March-???: Stuff happens, I think. I am officially non-existent at this point, so I'm a little sketchy on the details. We just keep growing. We are officially the community. Drpepper continues to be awesome, giving us a picture gallery and blog.

    June-August: At some point here I removed a large number of people from the Steam group. Never on, never registered on the site. One of the biggest controversies we had. At least until we almost merged with another group. But they wanted us to be a sub-section of their guild thing, running like a business. So I told them 'bite me'. Also during the summer, we make our partnership w/ (who continue to kick ass).

    September-Now: Peeps are back from the summer, and things are picking up again. I return from the void a few weeks ago (yay). The server is fixed, and a weekly playing/testing game day is in the works. Youme and Shmitz join as as moderators too. Once again, we're on the move :) We've got some big plans in the coming months, not the least of which is finally having our game days organized in advance, so we can make them a weekly thing.

    And that is 1-year of TF2M, give or take.
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    Well, happy anniversary. Thank you for the great community. I think you deserve one of these:

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    Heres mine:

    Pre December 07 - everything is peachy
    December 07 - Youme joins
    Post December 07 - everything goes rapidly downhill

    It just so happens I made a cake is a spy thing ages back too....

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    grats on anniversary, its easy to dissapear from lack of updates/community on the web, its really nice to see this site hang tough and maybe even grow a bit eh? :)

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    Aye, little mention of competitions in there though. Nice to see this otherwise :)
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    TF2Maps FTW!

    i made a birthday-sandvich :>

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    Well, this site is great, I'd probably still be staring at Hammer completely lost without it.
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    Well then, happy birthday!

    I'm on these forums more than my own, despite my lackluster post count. Glad to have been of service as a testing server for the past nine months, and hope to contribute further in the future!
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    Wow i've joined b4 Youme, yay! GZ
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    Its been fun, and hopefully it's just begun.
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    Happy Birthday guys
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    Happy BDAY!!!