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    Hellos everyone! I am the gratis of gratitude! Or well just.

    Hello everyone, I am a fine gentleman who loves to do fun stuff.
    I'm quite a creative guy and love doing all sort of things.
    Creating custom weapons, Building contraptions, Being a mischievous man with traps, making sweps (Failed really badly, and well, all sort of things and that brings me here to mapping. I also enjoy making SFM posters.
    Here's an example, the characters are old, appearance changed.


    I am a complete starter, but I have made 2 successful maps, koth_devbridge and pool_club, the rest was complete failure.

    I have one project but I'll need help and that's arena_glassdome.

    Well that's much to say about me, I'm a creative guy who loves making stuff.

    I don't know where to post my projects to see for feedback.
    If anyone knows please tell.

    Thank for your all your support and I hope I'll enjoy my time here.
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    Hello and welcome to the fourms! Be sure to enjoy your stay, look throught the tutorials check out the steam chat and what-not!

    About getting your map tested:
    Be sure to post your map to the workshop as it is still being made so people can download it and have a run around (to give you the feedback you deserve) Or post it into a weekly gameday session for a more organised 12 v 12 feedback orientated match. The final alternative is being in the chatroom and asking for an imp, if there are enough people we will immedietly load tf2 and start testing some maps on the server!
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