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    Hi! I'm new to TF2 mapping, but I have made a portal map before. does anyone have any good mapping tips for a noob(skyboxes, optimization)? should I use a 2D or 3D skybox for my first map? also, I havent found any skybox tutorials yet, where could I find one?

    I saw on your front page that there is a game night coming up. is that just everyone on the site getting together to play TF2? new maps, or favorite maps? I have seen the server numbers, but I do not know how to get to that server in-game.

    My favorite custom map so far is warpath, but I have not played many custom maps. favorite official map is dustbowl. Is there a general consensus of the really good maps, and if so, which ones are good?

    edit: also, any help with vertex manipulation and displacements and cubemaps would be appreciated

    edit:when I try to make a skybox, it acts as if there is a leak. any help please? i have it sealed off with brushes of the correct texture
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