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    When using the game_text_tf entity ( http://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Game_text_tf ) there is an attribute "Icon". It took me a while but I finally figured out what you can put into this field to add icons to your text messages.

    Below is a list of some of the icons (there might be more!)

    ico_notify_flag_moving : ! mark
    ico_notify_flag_home : The House symbol
    ico_notify_flag_dropped : The Down Arrow
    ico_notify_sixty_seconds : A stopwatch
    hud_menu_sentry_build : A sentry blueprint icon

    If you want to find more icons to use grab a program like GFScape and check out Team Fortress 2 Content.gcf in your Steamapps folder. Under the tf->resource->ui folder are a bunch of .res files that contain references to icons. Simply use the name given there for the 'icon' field and it should show up when your message displays.

    Happy texting!
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    Oh very cool. Now if only someone could create custom icons, like a few smily faces.
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    ahh! i was looking for a list of icon names to use.

    Thanks! :)
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    Hey Logo where did you find the ones you listed above, I could not find them in the folder you mentioned.

    Hmm is there anyway to view these files outside of the game? Guess I should look into that.

    Ooooooooh I see now. Yeah would be nice to have a list of each icon with a picture but that would be a lot of work for very little reward huh?

    Well yeah lots of work for little reward. I suppose you could set up a map with a whole bunch of triggers to try and figure out what every single thing is...hmmmmmm...I might look into that. In any case though there arent too many more. Most deal with the engineer. These can be found under the ui folder in the .res files that have the name "hud_obj_..." Just open the files in notepad and search for icon.
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