[TIP] Criticism. Handling and giving it.

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    We deal with a lot of different personality types in a public community such as this one; and as a creative community people often bump heads when it comes to artistic taste as well as the delivery or recieval of criticism.

    I thought i would share a relevant video i came across recently discussing this topic where a professional artist asks his community of followers and reiterates his best responses to the idea of criticism in the artistic industry.

    The video is 30 minutes long, but worth following through on.


    Thanks to the reduction in costs of technology, powerful systems are ending up in the hands of younger and younger generations who are able to not only create, but publicise their work to peers on quite large scales. There is a relevant comment in the video that discusses how criticism changes in respects to experience in both creating art and taking criticism on it. Similarly in our community as well as many others we have a lot of hot headed youths trying to make something of themselves and there is some wisdom to be found here for all of us.

    One of the best comments reiterated, i think, is how it is recommended that we allow ourselves time to absorb criticism before retaliating towards it. But all 10 points raised are really great in general.
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    I really like the comment that those criticizing should bear in mind that their comment will not be well received if they have not explained it well and tactfully.

    Great find, Grazr.