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    So you're making a map, and there's a tall prop, or some high ledge, or just some place you don't want people to be. Clipping it with playerclip is an option, but say it's something like this telephone pole:


    Playerclipping the top would prevent people from jumping over it and generally be an obstruction to player movement (if they happen to be rocket or sticky jumping). The problem is, you don't want people to stand on top of it, because it gives a nice spot soldiers or demomen can camp from.

    Don't worry! There's an easy way to fix this:


    That's right, we're using a small trigger_push on top of the telephone pole to keep people off of it. They can jump over the pole, around it, whatever, but if they jump on top of it, they'll essentially slide off.

    All I've done is made a small, weak trigger_push on top of the telephone pole. For direction, I'd recommend setting it to whatever direction players are likely to be travelling when they land on it, so it seems more natural when they slide off, instead of landing on it and reversing direction and flying back where they came from.
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    Dam Nine is on a roll today! :woot:
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    Yay for more tutorials!