Texture Tinted Dev Textures (Displacement Placeholders) V1

Now you can play around with Astroturf too!

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    Tinted Dev Textures (Displacement Placeholders) - Now you can play around with Astroturf too!

    As people have been asking about the brown and green dev textures i'm using on pretty much every alpha for a while now, i decided to upload them.

    I'm using them to create placeholders where displacements will probably be in the future.

    After installing the contents of the folder to tf2/custom, you will have two additional textures in your texture browser.

    dev/dev_measuregeneric01c - Brown dev texture
    dev/dev_measuregeneric01d - Green dev texture

    Because of how tinted textures work, they won't show up in the correct color in the material browser. They will show up correctly in the 3d viewports though.

    But Doc, there aren't enough colors in this pack!
    Well, if you really want more colors, you can do them yourself. For that, copy+paste one of the .vmt files in the tf2/custom/doc/materials/dev folder, then rename it to dev_measuregeneric01e.vmt or similar.
    Now, open them in a text editor.

        "$basetexture" "dev/dev_measuregeneric01b"
        "$color" "{255 110 20}"
        "%keywords" "tf"
    The relevant line is the "$color" one. Replace the 255 110 20 with whatever color you want to use, formatted in R(ed) G(reen) B(lue) - please take note that the base texture is not white but gray, so it will appear a bit darker in game or Hammer.

    Don't forget to pack the custom content for your alpha maps. Or rather, just use Compile Pal. It's pretty sweet.
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    Use $color2 as $color does not work in DirectX 8.
    And you can get any color you want, even brighter than the basetexture, as it allows for values bigger than [1 1 1] or {255 255 255}. The engine's gamma value of 2.2 needs to be considered if one wants to get a very precise color to be displayed.
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    Wait, why is there a $color and a $color2 that do the same thing but only the latter works in DirectX 8? Wouldn't it have made more sense for Valve to just update $color to work properly in DirectX 8?
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