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Time keeps on slipping, splipping

Discussion in 'Site Discussion' started by Armadillo of Doom, Jul 13, 2009.

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    ....into the future. Hiya mapping people :) I trust everyone has been enjoying the Summer weather? Perhaps a little a too much, since I haven't touched Hammer in over a week, lol. But I digress. First off, I would like to give a huge shout-out to the one and only drpepper. Our Direct Upload service has been greatly improved; Just one more way of saying thanks to our donors. We've had events going non-stop for the last couple weeks! Between our brand-new Gameday and tons of user-events for regular playing and map testing, you should never find yourself w/out a TF2 game ;)

    You should also note via the handy countdown timer at the top of the page that we have just 2 months left for our Third Annual Major Contest. :O Time does indeed fly. As promised, I have opened a poll about having an extension. Please bear in mind that the contest already goes into mid-September, which is prime time school for most people. If you've been slacking thus far, having more time won't make a difference.

    So go out and enjoy the weather :D Just remember to stop by here every so often, lol. With new and updated maps every day now, we need map testers more than ever. And for all of you mappers out there, please don't forget to check out our ever-expanding Models & Textures section. Cuz if we don't use this stuff, nobody will. /me wants to fly like an eagle
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    Out? what's that
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    It's dangerous.
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