Tic Tac Toe TF2

Tic Tac Toe TF2 2017-08-07

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Oct 25, 2015
Tic Tac Toe TF2 - 5x5 Tic Tac toe in Team Fortress 2

Choose 1 of 3 rooms to play a game with another guy on the opposite team. Shoot the ready button whenever you're ready. You will be teleported to the room where you can play an actual 5x5 Tic Tac Toe game. Whoever gets four in row or diagonally, wins.
Once all 3 games will finish, the comparison will start. If blue has more wins than red, blue wins. For stalemate cases, I built a simple deathmatch room.

Now a bit to the actual project.

This was a long weekend...

So after I learned some more about Hammer Editor logic entities about a half month ago, I decided to go damn further.


Even though Tic Tac Toe doesn't sound so complicated, it's completly different story when it comes to I/O system.

First problem I came to was when I wanted to avoid multiple selection at once (for example shotgun spread), so this took me whole first day to solve. Then I spent a lot of time on actual checking. First system I built didn't work well, so I tried again to build something working differently. And it worked beautifully! But it took me whole day again. Sunday comes and I'm about to copy things. But because of this, I had to rename entities and it's inputs (about 200 entites for each room), so the room is unique and does not affect others (a lot of hours spend on that, it was so boring). This was going till Monday when I went to a problem of MAX_MAP_BRUSHSIDES (basically too much brushes, thanks Hammer). I was at 4th room, so the solution at that point was just to delete the whole copy of that room.

But now, the Tic Tac Toe for TF2 is finished! :D