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    When I don't have anything big to report, I amuse myself with clever titles >.< Just a few quick reminders. For starters, you can now create custom events. Just head on over to the Events forums and make your own personal gameday :) You can find the official TF2M server info here; And speaking of contests, we have a really awesome one going on right now. Our 7th mini-contest to generate prefabs, and provide a nice side-project for anyone looking for something specific. Big personal thanks to Youme for taking the initiative on these ;) Speaking of contests, I would encourage everyone to start browsing this thread; Obviously we have a ways to go before out next major (read: prize-worthy) contest, but you should start thinking about what you would like to see. That's all I got this week. I'm planning to be on one of our servers this Wednesday night for a little improv fragging. Otherwise, I'll see you all this weekend :)
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