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This is good stuff ;)

Discussion in 'Site Discussion' started by Armadillo of Doom, Mar 28, 2009.

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    Has it been a week already? Feels like a small eternity for me :bored: Anyways, first thing I want to mention is this awesome contest sponsored by VelvetFistIronGlove; I'm really at a loss for words over how cool this is, and to see that kind of zealous dedication from one of our users :crying: Mad props to you dude! Second order of business, our Gameday testing is up and running again; In short, we're going to be trying a dedicated European testing day, along w/ a new method of handling submissions. Please take a moment to look over the new information.

    Lastly, Youme has just been on fire w/ the prefab contests; Further cementing our claim as the #1 resource and community for custom TF2 :D On the topic of prefabs, make sure you remember to credit the authors for any custom items used in your map. We have a whole ton of custom models, textures, and tutorial resources that are free to download and use; If you're using any of these fine resources, give the authors a little kudos ;)

    Oh, and tonight I'm going to be throwing a pseudo-party on our East Coast server :thumbup: Check the Steam group for specifics. Remember that not everything is important enough to warrant a post in Site News. For last second events and other little things, I will only make an announcement via Steam. That's all for this week. Keep fighting the good fight! (custom TF2)
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