KotH Thing (name subject to change)

Discussion in 'Map Factory' started by Memphinstein, Aug 10, 2014.

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    This is my first ever map, so I ain't got much of a bio or theme to it, came up with the idea on the train.
    It is a very small koth map with a rope/plank bridge over the point.

    As it is my first map any help is greatly appreciated, I hope I did at least something right.

    Known Issues:
    > The blend textures are not blending, some stripy thing goin on
    > The displacement lighting shows edges
    > the func_respawnroomvisualizer on blu spawn is showing the no-go texture even though blu can go through (something about it cant find the spawn-room entity)
    > That no-go texture is misaligned
    > Any white face means that I have not decided/don't know what to put there
    > HDR is super bright (need to learn how to tone it down)

    **maybe I should add trains...**
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    If I could make a suggestion, call it koth_runaround
    Because it seems like a map that would involve a lot of running around.