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    Hey folks!

    You've already been told about the Tf2Maps 72hr Winter TF2Jam - and that's the first thing this message is for, reminding you that it starts tonight at 6pm GMT! (That's about six hours from now.) You can drop in to our WIP thread and show off what you're working on there, or create a thread all to your own project here with our special event prefix.

    The second part of this message is even more exciting - we're hosting an exhibition game to show off what's been made! We'll be talking about the cool things that have been done, and what makes them so great. Joining in to play and discuss will be some of the greatest TF2 content creators, including:

    • UEAKCrash; creator of koth_probed and his famous How To Map tutorial series.
    • b4nny; leader of Froyotech, #1 competitive TF2 team.
    • CobaltGemini; creator of the Invasion videos and the 2013 Saxxy winner "Lil' Guardian Pyro"
    • Fr0z3nR; co-creator of cp_snowplow
    • chaofanatic; invasion SFX creator.
    • Rogue13; founder and head of Polycount
    • psyke; creator of over 65 TF2 items including the Cosy Camper and the Bat Outta Hell
    • iiboharz; head mapper for TF2Classic.
    The game starts at 8pm GMT on the 6th February. You can watch it on Crash's stream here, and some of the other participants will be streaming too. If you're joining the jam, make sure you post your stuff in the submission thread so we see it and can consider it for inclusion.

    We're looking forward to seeing what you come up with! Come join us in the tf2maps chatroom to join the fun.
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    Wait wait wait R13 is the founder of polycount? How did I know know this?
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    Iz a secret.

    (But now you know know this)
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    Are you guys gonna only talk about the maps, or will you show off the other creations (artwork, taunt demonstration videos/ other sfm videos) too? Idk I'm pretty new to this, and I'm just wondering.
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    I'm excited.
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    who else is getting really excited?
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    Who's getting excited in PRISON??
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    That was a great stream you guys. We need more like these and not just for events.