The Winners of the 2014 Saxxy Awards!

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    It was one of the tightest Saxxy races we've ever had, with a lot of heated debate here at Valve. But even with so many great entries, it's still a contest, and someone's got to win.

    Luckily, someone did! Announcing the winners of the 2014 Saxxy Awards! Head over and check them out. All winners will get an exclusive, highly rare in-game Saxxy Award, and The Overall Winner's getting flown out to Seattle to spend some time with us here at Valve.

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    Am I just totally not paying attention to TF2 stuff of late, or did the entire Saxxy's thing go by much quicker than last time? I feel like the submission and voting period was way longer before.

    Though I suppose Valve does love their data... maybe they looked at the curve from previous events and determined they didn't need to be as long as they were because 98% of stuff happened early on.
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    It did go by a lot faster this time. I know just last night I was looking at the nominees then saw that they were going to be picked today so it was like an "oh shit really?" moment
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    Holy fuck, am I a wizard? I voted for the action winner, the drama winner, and the overall winner.
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    Nope. You are statistically average. Congrats.

    edit: Wait I didn't realize this was the winners. Disregard.
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