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    Arena_wall is set in an unknown land, where both red and blu built a wall in order to keep the other side out of their land, at the same time. The theme is therefore construction, so far shown by the rickety wooden scaffolding around the map.

    I tried to make a fast paced high tension map, while retaining balance and fun at the same time. I have tried to incorporate this balance into the map as much as possible. For example, engineers have an advantage as this map is open, but at the same time, close. This is due to the fact that white there are enclosed spaces, you can shoot to them through numerous places. I remedied the imba engies by placing metal in open places which would draw them away from their sentries and out into the open.

    The wall has 3 floors, with the top being where the health is located and the bottom where the cap point is. I have always felt that in arena games, one of the only reasons people cap is when the enemy team has a c and d spy, so it only acts as an out, I tried to fix this by increasing the cap time very much. I feel this helps in many ways, as it gives a reason to stop camping at the top of the wall (forcing them to drop down in order to stop the cap) and it also makes the cap a realistic goal for the players to concentrate on.

    One of the reasons which I submitted this in its early stages is due to the fact that our clan no longer has a server in which to test the map. Which is why I see feedback as extremely important, as its one of my only sources of playertesting.

    I would appreciate as much constructive, thought out, criticism as you have, and any solutions to the problems or game play elements which you don’t think quite work out. Keep in mind, though that it is an arena map, so for example it is normal to have little or no health etc. So, if you don’t play arena maps, I would rather you didn’t comment on things akin to that.

    I have a huge list of things that I need to change, which I will try to list, so you don’t have to.

    • Finish/ fix texturing (see below)
    • Fix some of clipping of objects
    • Add basically all of the props
    • Add lighting
    • Reduce the amount of brushes used on scaffolding by 3/4
    • Replace the spiral staircases (see below)
    • Create more routes to the top of the wall in order to balance the classes, as demos and soldiers have too much of an easy time getting to the top

    I was thinking of putting an overlay over the seam between the two sides of which would make it look like the two sides were stuck together with cement. I shall look in the requests forum, or post a request for it, when I get to that stage. I also would love to put other construction stuff into it, such as cement mixers, I saw a construction thread for that though .

    Spiral staircases:
    I personally find them fun, however in testing they seems to be pretty fun, but can get it the way sometimes, and have had suggestions to replace them with something else such as stairs which would line the wall etc. Please post comments on what you think i could do to remedy the stair problem.

    So, thanks for checking out the thread, this forum is INSANE, like the amount of content that I’ve seen being created on the request forums blows my mind. Please keep in mind that this is my first ever sdk thing I have ever created, apart from a brief try at portal mapping. I didn’t use prefabs for the point which is why there are resupply lockers and door sized holes, as this was a map i was using to learn, and which those elements in place.

    I’m sorry if my post is too texty, but I don’t understand all these people who spend hours and hours creating a map and barely write 4 words when they submit it :/, perhaps they assume their map will do the talking for them. I guess I can’t do that as this is my first map ^^.

    They arnt watermarks, I simply forgot to quit my teamspeak server when i took the photos, ignore them :)

    Also, I am adding lights, but as I have never mapped before I wanted to finish the map itself before adding lights. :D

    tl;dr ver: is arna map arwnd wall lol, mke sugstions n imporvmnts plz.
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    what are those watermarks..?
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    the whole red vs. blue texturing thing gets annoying when its all over the place. use some gray textures.

    obviously stolen displacements too.
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    Thanks for the comment ThePrestige,
    I was trying to make the point that the bases had clashed, but I can see how the texturing is a little too in your face.. What do you suggest I change with the texturing, as it would be hard to create that same feeling of two different walls being created by the rivalling factions.

    Yeah I took the displacements from badlands, but they fitted what I needed so i thought it would be stupid to replicate them for the sake of it being my own work, considering so much is already made by valve that we use already and there are tonnes of prefab packs which include stuff like it ripped from normal maps. So I assumed it wasnt a big deal as its not like im making money and that this is my first map so its not exactly going to become famous ;D.

    But if you think i should redo them myself, its not like i couldnt use the practice with displacements.

    Thanks for the comments so far though, keep em comming, very helpful :D!
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    Why are there computerwalls, but I can't even see one computer?
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    Yeah, i've got to get a better eye for textures :p, I dont know about other mappers but I find it very hard indeed :/ (first map).

    I will have a look at the styles that other mappers have used. Possibly look at turbine for the wall itself and possibly how the spawn rooms work.