The Teufort Journal 2017-08-04

Ever wonder what goes on in the TF2niverse?

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    The Teufort Journal - Ever wonder what goes on in the TF2niverse?

    Here's my submission! I initially planned to submit a map but nobody wanted to collaborate and I drew a blank on planning a layout.

    Only resource I used were the following images:
    A Burning Flames hat
    A Mann Co Key
    Paper overlays
    screenshot of dm_backlot
    screenshot of sd_doomsday
    A picture of a floor in TF2

    And the following fonts
    Times New Roman
    Front Page News

    (If the image usage makes this against rules, let me know and I can easily re-do it myself!)

    I'll probably make something a lot better than this or have an A1 of the map idea ready tomorrow or the day after, though, so this (possibly) wont be the last time you see me!
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